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Shelbie Martinez



Mon - Wed: 5pm - 10:00pm
Thursday & Sunday: Noon - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: Noon - 11:30pm
Wednesday - Sat: 5pm - Close 

THE underground wine society IS authentically outfitted in A 1920's vintage railroad boxcar. SEE YOU SOON.

We firmly believe that a fine wine experience is not just simply about selecting great wines but also how they are presented -- just as their wine maker would have intended. In addition to serving these wines in the sensually rich ambiance of an authentically outfitted 1920's vintage railroad boxcar including all the fine accouterments, we are fanatically obsessed with delivering a memorable experience. We create a journey you will remember -- one that will almost make you feel that have been to these wonderful lands, having touched the twisted gnarled vines and tasted the passion of the people whose craft we bring forth.

For us, it doesn't just stop with the carefully curated wines. We are also fanatical about everything that happens behind the scenes. We care deeply about how the wine is stored, the temperature at which it is served and how it's kept fresh using our high-tech wine service equipment. Then we have our friendly, well-trained and passionate team bring it all together for you and serve it to you in the finest quality stemware for maximum enjoyment. We feature mainly artisanal wines from all over the world that are minimally manipulated, cleanly crafted using modern techniques and yet reflect their native terroir. So whether you've just started your journey of wine discovery or you're a well traveled oenophile, you'll find a plethora of wines to excite your palate at BXCR. Although our collection focuses heavily on wines from artisanal producers, family owned wineries, up and coming winemakers and farmer/grower cooperatives, we also feature small lot production wines from many well known names and some off the beaten path. Many of of our selections also include sustainably farmed, biodynamic or organically farmed wines -- all of which are growing movements in wine regions across the world designed to bring you purity. You will be hard pressed to find hardly any of these wines at grocery stores or big box retailers because, frankly, there just isn't enough "volume" of these fabulous wines made, that would grab the interest of these big guys. We strongly believe the best wine is crafted in small lots with great care in wineries and not massproduced in a facility that looks like petroleum refinery or a chemical processing plant.

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
— Benjamin Franklin