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—  GRUB  —

Modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season



—  Artisan Cheeseboard  —
Three Cheesemonger curated cheeses served with house-made jam, spiced nuts, edible flowers & rustic baking company crackers.

—  TO-GO Cheese Board  —
Take a stroll around The Anaheim Packing House with our eco-friendly to-go cheese boards. To-go cheese boards include three artisan cheeses served with house-made accouterments & rustic baking company crackers. (Available Everyday)


—  Charcuterie Board  —
Three sustainable sourced meats served with house made pickled veggies, white wine mustard & ones choice of cheese. *Ask our in house chef or bar staff for our list of weekly rotating cheeses.

To-Go Cheese Board Combo — To-Go Board with Glass of Wine (Selection of Wine: Any Wine $12 or less) (Available Everyday) $20


—  Rotating  —
Ask our in-house chef or bar staff about our seasonally inspired dessert options.

—  Sweet & Spicy Cashews—
Bar Snack- One Scoop of roasted candied cashews with a hint of cayenne pepper.

—  Mixed Bar Nuts —
Bar Snacks- One Scoop of roasted mixture of nuts moderately seasoned with a special blend of spices.



** We source our cheeses from sustainable family farms in CA, Vermont & Europe.
Please ask our in-house chef about our weekly rotating cheese list.


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